Katie is an outstanding massage therapist. She is extremely caring and always  thinks incredibly carefully about clients' needs, listening to them and asking them really pertinent helpful questions. Each time you go to see her she really investigates what your needs and always responds to any medical or muscular concerns that  one might  have. Katie is really approachable, extremely warm and kind and the whole experience leaves  one feeling really nurtured and taken care of and RELAXED.  I would highly recommend Katie  to anybody who needed a bit of time out,   support with stress or muscular issues. It's always a very positive experience supporting wellbeing.



Katie has helped me over the past few years with her wonderful Aromatherapy Massages tailored with oils to suit my needs. The oils used are the best quality. Her treatments are carried out in a lovely calm room and her massage techniques are the best I have ever come across. She has helped me through various injuries and soon finds which areas are in need of attention. Not only does she find knotted muscles but she also helps my whole wellbeing and makes me feel calm and able to cope with what life throws at me. I always come out feeling totally different to when I went in. I cannot recommend Katie highly enough.

Susan C



During the meditation class I learned a lot about meditation and how to do it. I never thought it would be so easy to meditate but it is now! The mantra you gave me felt like it is familiar and easy to meditate with and I feel so many  benefits in my whole life, it's amazing!  I am more focused, more present. I feel energised. My brain was like a sieve before - I forgot everything and had to write everything down but now I can concentrate, focus and remember things - I don't have to write them down any more. It's like I have a new perspective on everything. I feel more connected to things, people, situations. It's very obvious to others too. The course was amazing and I can recommend it to everybody!

Angelika B


Your massages are the best I’ve ever had. Technically they are brilliant as you really identify the knots across the shoulders, but it’s also because you have a nice, warm, open energy that reacts with others in a positive way.

Debbie, Oxford.