A Tarot and Numerology coaching session is a chance to focus on you and your life, to have an in depth discussion of issues you’re facing and to take a look at the various options you have to move forward. The Tarot has been described as an ‘unbound book of wisdom’, and it acts as a mirror, reflecting aspects of our conscious and subconscious mind that we may not be aware of and that are impacting on our life and life choices.  Numerology can add another layer of depth by looking at where you are in terms of your numerological cycle and how to best harness this.


Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful reading you gave me on Friday. It accurately depicts my current situation and opportunities. ..thank you for illuminating this wonderful opportunity which will help to settle and ease the uncertainty of any next move for us.  (Julie)

Thank you so much for pulling and reading these cards for me. It’s amazing how much they accurately reflect my life at this time. Not only do they reflect this moment, the cards also indicate potential guidance on the way forward for me.

Your intuitive skills and interpretation of the cards have woven together a very powerful message which deeply resonates with me. Now I need to reflect on the message, take action and  move forward based on the guidance held within it. (KM)

I feel like this reading was spot on. This reading was extremely eye opening. I really liked that it was not just an interpretation of the cards but also suggestions of actions I can take to fully benefit from the message  (KW)

Dear Katie! It’s like you were in my head. You’ve addressed all of my thoughts and concerns. Amazing!!  (SN)

Price for Tarot and Numerology coaching:

£35 for 30 minutes

£55 for 60 minutes