Sound Healing Therapy is the use of  instruments such as gong, crystal bowls, drum, chimes and percussion instruments to create a soundscape which facilitates a deep state of relaxation and enables us to access self-healing, undo unhelpful patterns and establish new ways of being. Working with intentions, self-reflection and coaching methods, sound healing can act as a catalyst for personal transformation as well as being an ideal stress management tool.

I run a monthly group sound bath at Heal Wellbeing, which you can view and book here.

One to one sessions are also available, and can be booked here. In a one to one session, you will be guided to craft an intention for your session and instruments may be played directly on and over your body, taking you into an altered state of consciousness where you are able to access self-healing and transformation. You will also be guided on how to continue the process with simple exercises to complete at home.