What is Thai Table Stretch Massage?

Based on traditional Thai Massage, Thai Table Stretch massage is performed over clothing on a massage couch. It combines work on acupressure points and ‘Sen lines’ (or meridians) in a slow, meditative rhythm, with stretches in order to release energy blockages, and loosen tight muscles leaving you feeling refreshed and restored with increased flexibility. A great massage for everyone including those who don’t like undressing or the application of oil. It can be particularly beneficial for tight leg muscles and lower back pain, but the benefits are felt across the whole body.

What happens in a session?

Starting with the feet and then moving onto the legs, rhythmic pressure is applied along the ‘sen lines’, invisible energy lines that run through the body (these are comparable with meridians in traditional Chinese medicine). This is followed with stretches to the legs, as a form of ‘passive yoga’. Sen lines on the back are massaged and the treatment finishes with a head massage and stretches to the neck.