What is Oriental Foot Massage?

A relaxing and revitalising massage using traditional Thai and Ayurvedic techniques to boost tired legs and feet and stimulate and balance the whole body by working on the energy lines and Marma points.

What happens in a Session?

The treatment begins with cleansing of the feet and massage to the lower leg, easing away tension in the calves and releasing energy blockages. Stretches are incorporated to maintain flexibility. Deep pressure massage is given to the feet, with specific work to the Marma points and a Thai reflexology stick is used to enhance the treatment. Finally a deeply nourishing organic moisturiser is applied and the treatment is finished with a stimulating eucalyptus balm to leave you feeling fresh and revitalised.

Heaven and Earth Massage

Combine a Head and Foot massage for a blissful therapeutic experience that’s as restorative as a full body massage.