Amnanda is an Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy which aims to address the effects of long-term stress and trauma. It works holistically on a physical, emotional and psychological level by dissolving the storage of traumatic experiences in the cell memory, leading to more ease and serenity in life and allowing a process of revitalisation to unfold. Amnanda is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘path to joy.’

The Amnanda process is a one- year treatment programme of twelve relaxing oil treatments, using specially prepared herbal oils applied to the whole body. It’s a journey that unfolds over the twelve months, releasing trauma from different areas and at deeper levels with each treatment. Each person’s journey is individual but in general, Amnanda is said to reverse ageing by around five years, and to increase enthusiasm, clarity and direction in life.

Treatments take place at intervals of at least two weeks to maximum eight weeks, so the whole process is completed in one year. The process is supported by drinking specific herbal teas throughout the year and taking a tincture for two of the twelve months.

Amnanda is suitable for those over 21 years of age.