Onsite Wellbeing Sessions can help promote staff morale and productivity, reduce absenteeism and 'presenteeism' and decrease stress and anxiety. Perfect as part of a staff wellbeing day or as a staff reward.

Onsite Treatments:

Seated Acupressure Massage

Helps reduce chronic patterns of tension in the neck, back and shoulders, while energising and refreshing body and mind.  This treatment uses acupressure points,  massage techniques and stretches.  It's performed over clothing and without oil in a portable massage chair.


A wonderfully restorative and balancing treatment to the feet which helps bring equilibrium to the whole body. Clients need to remove socks and shoes, and the treatment is performed in a portable reflexology chair.

Indian Head Massage

Reduces tension in the head, neck and shoulders, energises and restores. This treatment is performed over clothing in a normal desk chair.

Treatment times

Can be selected to suit your schedule,  between 10 - 30 minutes.


1 -2 hours £65 per hour

3 - 5 hours £60 per hour

6 hours or more (spread over more than one day) £55 per hour


Online Sessions

If staff are working from home or onsite massage is not convenient, book a 30 minute self massage workshop for up to 100 participants. This is delivered via a secure link on Zoom, and a recording can be made available for a period of time for staff unable to attend the live session.

The 30 minute session takes staff through a self massage routine designed for desk workers. It's performed over clothing and addresses areas where desk workers can often develop tension - arms and hands, shoulders, upper and lower back, neck, head and around the eyes. The session finishes with a 5 minute whole-body energising technique. Staff are coached on how to use the techniques as stand alone 3 minute energisers throughout the day.


30 minute workshop for up to 100 people: £130