Menopause is a time of major transition, which can be likened to the changes we go through in puberty, although in reverse. It can be a time of great empowerment as we have the opportunity to shed things that no longer serve us and become more truly ourselves, but also a time of great challenges. It’s often a stressful time of life anyway, perhaps juggling caring for both teenage children and /or elderly parents, perhaps also the demands of a job and at the same time our body no longer behaves the way it used to and is screaming at us to slow down. Hormones can be all over the place and we can experience a number of symptoms ranging from poor sleep, changes in weight and appearance, fatigue and aching joints to lower tolerance of stress, mood swings and the dreaded hot flushes and night sweats.

While HRT may offer a solution for many women, some are unable or do not wish to take it, and for others it may help but not completely ease the symptoms altogether. The Hormonal Balance treatments for Menopause combine the evidence based approaches of aromatherapy and acupressure, are super relaxing and have achieved good results for menopausal women.

Here’s what people have said:

“The treatments I have had from Katie have been simply divine. Her quality of touch is the best I have ever known and the Menopause Wellness treatment has been a real game changer for me. I have struggled with my sleep since having a hysterectomy but the treatments have managed to get me having the best sleep ever! Following the massage I manage to fall asleep easily and sleep through the night without waking until the morning. I had forgotten what refreshing sleep felt like!” KP, Abingdon

“I recommend Katie’s Hormonal Balance Massage. I was highly stressed and exhausted, and her kind approach and expertise helped reduce my stress and soon I was very relaxed and more balanced. My body felt much more comfortable and with the bonus of the takeaway acupressure plasters, my treatment is still working the next day. So good value for money also. Many thanks Katie.” LP, Banbury

Choose from the 60 minute  Hormonal Balance Facial, 60 minute Hormonal Balance Massage, or Hormonal Balance Massage and Facial combo (90 minutes).