Numerology: Unlock the Secrets of Your Personal Year Number

    I’ve always been fascinated by metaphysics and ancient wisdom. Numerology has been practised for thousands of years in many different civilisations. The system of Western Numerology most practised today was created by the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, over 2500 years ago. Everything in the universe has an energy vibration, including numbers, and…

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Aromatherapy and COVID 19

    As restrictions ease and the world opens up again, COVID hasn’t completely gone away and it seems likely most of us will pick it up at some point, if we haven’t already. COVID affects people in different ways, and conventional medicine is ready to step in where there’s serious illness but most of…

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A Good Night’s Sleep

19th March was World Sleep Day, and with statistics showing that as many as a  third of the UK population suffer regularly from insomnia, sleep has never been more important. How much are you getting? Sleep is one of the pillars of good health. Our body needs eight hours of good quality sleep each night…

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Stay Happy, Healthy and Joyful with Ayurveda this Season

What is Ayurveda? If you’re not familiar with Ayurveda, it’s the ancient Indian wisdom health tradition, sister science of yoga and meditation. Like many traditional medicine systems its focus is on creating, maintaining and restoring health from a very holistic perspective. It treats each person as a unique individual with their own particular make up.…

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Staying Well this Winter

Boosting Immunity Did you see the BBC programme, BBC iPlayer – The Truth About… – Boosting Your Immune System the other week? I was delighted to see the experiment that demonstrated massage can boost lymphocyte T cells by around 20%.  There are so many other benefits to massage too – it’s such a pity that…

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